Amazing Kinetic Sculptures Made Out of Paper

Sculptor Felix Semper uses paper in a unique way. This talented artist layers intricately carved piles of paper to form sculptures. One of his popular works, a sculpture of Notorious B.I.G, brought him to the limelight. The sculpture is stretchable and fluid with a gold crown on its head. From the face, the sculpture can be moved, picked and turned into different positions.

The process of creating these sculptures is tricky and takes a lot of time. He uses layers of glued paper and models the carefully around the portrait of the subject he wants to create. The result is a stretchable sculpture that can be twisted, stretched, retracted and elongated.

Semper organizes exhibitions for his art and also showcases them on the streets so that everyone can get a chance to see his work. His work is a reflection of Li Hongbo, a Chinese artist who also works on stretchable paper on various themes.

See some of his work below.