Animals Live in Peace and Harmony in the Paintings of Antonio Segura

There is little room for friendship in the animal world due to the harsh laws of nature. But that isn’t stopping Spanish artist Antonio Segura aka Dulk from imagining peace and harmony among animals.

Segura creates beautiful paintings in which animals interact in the most wholesome way. Otters are swimming alongside starfish and sharks, elks are carrying birds on their antlers, and polar bears are part of the pack with flamingos, snakes, and rabbits.

Most of the time, Segura adorns the animals with fantasy elements. This, alongside meticulous attention to detail and warm colors, adds another layer of imagination to his works.

Segura explains on his website that his fascination with animals started during his childhood and never went away.

“With coloring pencils and felt-tip pens, I scribbled all over my dad’s books and the old encyclopedias which had belonged to his father (my grandfather), and which I now treasure since that’s where my fascination for the animal kingdom was born,” Segura explains.

Most of Segura’s works are made in the form of paintings that reside in private and public collections around the world. However, his art can also be found in murals in Spain, the US, Costa Rica, and several other countries.

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