Ann Wood’s Paper Art is Inspired by Vintage Botanical Prints

There’s something undeniably delicate about paper art, all the more when it’s directly inspired by nature. Case in point: the paper art of Ann Wood. Inspired by historical botanical prints, Wood manipulates paper and wire to create intricate pieces that replicate plants and insects.

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Wood was constantly surrounded by nature. Now based in Minnesota, she closely studies the plants and flowers that grow in her garden. “I’m an intense observer of forms,” she stated in an interview with Design Sponge.

Utilizing fine cuts, Wood achieves realistic details such as butterfly wings, feathers, and flowers. These sculpted creations are then hand sewn on to wool and velvet backgrounds which she then frames in vintage frame stocks.

“I thought, I’m going to try making plants and I’m going to share them on Instagram and see what happens,” she recalled. “With the daily build-up of sharing pictures of my work, it’s spurred me on to keep exploring and refining this desire.”

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