Mercedes Bellido’s Animal Paintings Are Fierce (Much Like Her)

Mercedes Bellido’s animal paintings aren’t for the faint of heart. Vibrant, graphic, and fierce, her subjects look you right in the eyes, making for an uncomfortable effect that is well-intended.

“I like it to seem calm but with a tension twist,” Bellido once stated, in an interview with Cup of Couple. “I’d love to keep that disturbing and violent perspective,” she later added.

But when it comes to the creative process itself, it’s pretty straight forward. “First I decide if I’m gonna do a correlated painting series or a single illustration, then the inspiration work comes,” she says. “I try to find pictures that help me to give shape to my idea, paint a draft (I’m not a big fan of drafts though, only the compositional ones) and then I begin to paint.”

Born in Zaragoza, Spain, Bellido moved to Cuenca to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts and later moved once again to Madrid for her Art Investigation Masters Degree. Her art can be purchased online, but you can also admire it from afar through her Instagram page.