Artist Bridges The Gap Between Reality And Imagination With Art

There is no limit to what our minds can imagine, sometimes we are awed by the extent our mind goes and it would be a herculean task to try and put the pictures we see in words or draw them as seen in your dreams.

But digital art has changed everything, and it is fair to say that with digital art, anything is possible! Australian based artist born in Sabannakhet, Laos, has chosen to be god over his own thoughts skillfully combining photography, digital art, and painting, he has been able to alter everything from the way we know it to the way he thinks it and it is intriguing.

Phonsay as he is known on instagram, admits that he drew inspiration for this project from Buddhism, and he constantly strived to balance contrasts and harmony using people, angular architecture, geometrical shapes and patterns, and peacefulness of nature to combine reality with imagination. And the results are amazing!