Check Out Shuri, The Black Cat’s Story

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, well, cats can be too. Simona Serban describes herself as a traveler who likes to try out the local cuisine everywhere go. Recently she became a cat mom, too.

“I want to tell you the story of Shuri, our little Warrior Princess, the black kitten that we fell in love with and that we have been trying to nurse back to health for the past year,” Simona says. “She had to battle numerous health issues since she was 2 months old, some have put her life in danger, some have tested all our patience and resistance but we are all fighters and we are not giving up.”

Per the bio, Warrior Princess aka Shurizaurus aka Goanga, absolutely loves paper bags, laser toys & tuna and hates snow, baths & closed doors.

Scroll down and check out Shuri’s Instagram account where her mom Simona post images about her daily adventures.