This 4-Year-Old Drummer Will Blow Your Mind

Justin Wilson II, nicknamed “LJ,” is just 4-years-old but he plays the drums with the dexterity of a professional 10 times his age. With a 4-year-old playing with so much precision and skill, you would think he started learning how to play the drums from his mother’s womb, yes he actually did.

According to Justin’s website, his journey began when he was in the womb, “He would tap rhythmically when his mom would tap her fingers on her belly and move when she sang to him. Once born, LJ was enveloped by music.” Sighting this uniqueness in their son, they encouraged their son wholeheartedly. According to the website, “By 13 months, he was keeping time to songs, banging his spoons at each meal. And by 15 months, he was able to identify and mimic unique syncopations and tinker on the piano in the correct key as a song was played. He got his drum set at 18 months and hasn’t looked back.”

Videos of his performance, training and jamming sessions are posted to his over 368k followers on instagram and it is beautiful. Check him out and be blown away!