Artist Creates 3D Art With Paintbrushes

The images and videos below were made by a California-based artist, Andrew Myers. The American artist, who is driven by being unique, really shows it with the nature of artworks he does.

From a particular video, we can see paint brushes suspended with steel wires. At first, but as it goes closer, it changes your perspective. While you’re looking at this artwork, don’t look at the paint brushes individually, but collectively. This will help you see beyond the paint brushes into what the artwork really is. You will observe that each of these brushes was painted and suspended in a specific pattern that’ll make viewers see the image formed.

This looks more like pixels coming together to form just one image. The paint brushes are like the pixels coming suspended on wires to form a specific image. They are easily seen when viewed from afar.

He has other artworks following the same pattern, but not with paint brushes this time.

This is awesome!