Sarah Walsh Makes Delightful Illustrations That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Illustrator Sarah Walsh knew from a very young age that she would be an artist someday (or at least hoped so). After receiving her BFA in graphic design from St. Rose in Albany, NY where she grew up, she landed a coveted job at Hallmark Cards as in house designer and illustrator, and has worked there for 12 years.

“It was like going to graduate school,” she told Jama’s Alphabet Soup, describing her time in Hallmark. “You learn sooooo much. The people that work there are from all over the country, even the world and they are some of the nicest, most talented bunch I’ve ever met. I’ve made life long friends with a few. I met my husband at Hallmark while on the kids team and even started an all girl band with my best friends there as well.”

She now works from her studio in Kansas City with her fellow illustrator husband, Colin Walsh, their son, a scrappy pup and chubby cat.

“I try not to measure myself against other people,” she shared. “It’s challenging at times. I think we all do it in spite of ourselves. Focusing on the now and whether I’m excited to pick up a pencil and draw is how I try to measure success. If I’m excited about a current project then I’m successful. I’d like to make things until I’m old and grey!”

Check out some of her delightful work in the gallery below.