Jennifer Liu’s Illustrations Are An Exploration of Color

Award-winning illustrator, Jennifer Liu, loves experimenting with unconventional and vibrant colors, which shows throughout her work.

“I do feel very daring when it comes to experimenting with color, and I often push myself to create a palette that is different from the one I used for the last project,” the Chinese illustrator based in Toronto told Communication Arts Daily. “Limited color palettes have never really been my thing, but I think it’s important to exercise restraint when needed and be tasteful with my color choices.”

With a Bachelor’s degree in illustration from OCAD University, Toronto, and a teaching position at Sheridan College, Liu says that she often incorporates what she learned in her painting classes into her work; even though, nowadays her work is 100% digital.

Fond of J-RPGs, Asian hip-hop, and anything trending within the nerd community, she admits that she’s always been obsessed with Japanese animation and culture. “As I grow older, however, I find myself wanting to reconnect with my Chinese heritage, especially since China has now developed as a country within such a short span of time,” she added.

“Growing up as a second-generation Chinese person in North America, I craved more Asian representation in the media. I think that’s why I’ve always been so drawn to Asian entertainment; it was something I could easily identify with and relate to even if I couldn’t completely understand the languages right away.”

Take a look at some of her work.