Artist Creates Amazing Art Portraits of Movie Stars With Their ‘Spirit’ Pets

Have you ever wondered how pets of famous movie stars would look like? A Russian digital artists, Aleksei Vinogradov went viral for using his skills and talent to create famous movie characters with their ‘spirit’ pets. Aleksei uses his charming and masterful artistic touch to create portraits full of character seem so real.

He achieves his fantastic work by using Procreate app and a tablet. Aleksei studied Costume Design at Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy. His work has become inspiring and loved across the world for using his own unique brushes for digital painting.

The talented artist finds inspiration for beautiful female faces, music and emotion. Actually, if you happen to go through his Instagram page, you will notice his ability to capture women full of energy, power, emotion and attitude.

In his series “Famous characters and their pets,” Aleksei creates gorgeous portraits of famous movie stars with their ‘spirit’ pets.

Check his amazing work below.