Artist Creates Jewelry Inspired By Fantasy And Her Celtic Heritage

Allie Fritsch is an illustrator, jewelry designer and the owner of her Silver Lily Studio. Her artistic journey began in her junior year in high school when her passion for art started to spark. She first wanted to became a web designer, however, later she set her mind on becoming an illustrator.

“Four years after my graduation, I opened Silver Lily Studio,” artist shared on her personal website. “Most of the art you see is fantasy themed, with a heavy dose of Celtic mythology thrown in. My own Irish heritage drives my interest in Celtic lore. Nature and wildlife was a huge part of Celtic traditions, hence the heavy use of animals and plants in my works.”

Fritsch’s named her latest product line “The Victorian Collection” where she makes jewelry inspired by the 1800s. The artist and jeweler shares her work on her social media, on her Instagram account where you can see some of her creations.

Scroll down and check them out.