Artist Creates Nature-Inspired Mirrors You’ll Immediately Want to Own

For most people, mirrors are not just tools that help them see their reflection. They also serve as a decorative piece and an item that complements the interior of their living space. If you’ve recognized yourself in this description, then you’ll probably be impressed by the works of Anna Paschenko.

This Ukrainian glass artist is the person behind the creative brand Roslynka, which produces one-of-a-kind mirrors you’ll probably want to own as soon as possible. The pieces that Paschenko and her team make serve their primary purpose but each of them also represents a small art piece that can be hung on the wall or fitted on your desk.

Most of Roslynka’s mirrors are inspired by nature. Some draw inspiration from the ocean and are decorated with walls that seemingly splash the surface of the mirror. Others contain dried flowers, leaves, and branches incorporated into the mirror themselves to give you more reasons to look yourself in the mirror more often.

Paschenko also creates all sorts of other glass art, including glass terrariums, figurines, jewelry, and much more. Her works are available for purchase through her Etsy shop, while she regularly shares new pieces on social media.

Check out more of her intriguing nature-inspired mirrors below.