Man Builds an Island on the River Using Salvaged Materials

Having your own island sound cool but that dream is only achievable to billionaires nowadays. Or is it? There is one man from Canada who managed to build an island in the middle of Pitt River, near Vancouver, for himself and has been living on it for almost two decades.

British Columbia-native known only as Shadow laid the foundations for this admirable project 17 years ago. He started from scratch and used salvaged materials like wood, barrels, ropes, and plastic waste to build several floating structures that together form “Nowhere Island.” He did the majority of the work himself with his friends occasionally sparing a couple of extra hands and supplies.

The Nowhere Island is now an impressive construction that has its own solar panel power supply, garden, and even chickens. This allows Shadow to have all the amenities of modern life while being surrounded by nature.

According to Shadow, he rarely leaves the area and it can be sometimes more than six months between his trips to the civilization. He spends his time cleaning the river, taking care of nature, reading books, and running his YouTube channel.

“I want to live with nature and not damage anything,” he says about his lifestyle.