Vietnamese Artist Creates Adorable Animal Figurines Using Polymer Clay

We don’t know about you, but anytime we see artworks inspired by animals, we get excited. Especially if those works are as adorable as figurines created by a Vietnamese artist who goes by the moniker Anie’s Clay.

This talented artist uses polymer clay to make her tiny sculptures, and she is pretty good at what she does. Despite working on small-scale figurines, she is able to successfully replicate the features of particular animals to the slightest details. This includes dogs sticking their tongues, cats curiously looking around, and baby seals enjoying ocean waves with a smile on their face. 

According to the artist, everything she does, from sculpting to painting, is done by hand. She admits that she may be making an error here and there but says everything she does is with love.

“They may not be perfect, but I tried to carve into them something that is special and unique depending on the reference animal,” she shares on her website. “They are really fragile and need a lot of love from the keeper.”

Anie’s Clay animal sculptures are available for purchase through her social media, while the artist also does commission work. You can check out more of her adorable figurines below.