PunHub Has the Best Puns and Dad Jokes on the Internet

Dad jokes and puns are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people think they are not funny at all and can’t believe some can laugh at them. However, no kind of humor can top a good pun or a classic dad joke for people who appreciate them.

Dad jokes and puns are all around us. You will hear them on a daily basis from your own dad, your friend’s father, neighbors with comedy aspirations, or a bus driver. And sometimes you will laugh, other times you will cringe, but you know you can’t escape, so you embrace them.

Now, even if you are one of those previously mentioned individuals who enjoy dad jokes and puns, at one point, it probably becomes boring to hear the same old stuff all over again. This is why you’ll be happy to hear that there is an Instagram account dedicated entirely to this often underappreciated type of comedy.

A while ago, some enthusiast/s decided to create a PunHub profile with the goal of rounding the best dad jokes and puns in one place. The project steadily grew in both content and popularity, with more than a million people using it as their daily dose of comedy. The creator/s also have a webshop that sells merch. This is all the proof we need to know that dad jokes and puns will never stop being appreciated.

Scroll down to check out the best of PunHub’s fine selection.