Artist Creates Sculptures From Classic Cartoon “Tom and Jerry”

While growing up, the famous cartoon, Tom and Jerry, was something we all looked forward to. The cartoon does not need any introduction. The show always provided a new adventure each time and kids can’t seem to get enough of it.

Tom was the famous impatient but determined cat with a sole plan in life; to catch the mouse, Jerry. This smart mouse was always a handful.

Occasionally, the pair joined forces, but such alliances never last. Most of the time, there was a hot pursuit in the house and Tom was always on the wrong side of it. He has suffered so much from trying to catch Jerry.

His suffering inspired a Japanese artist, Taku Inoue to create mini sculptures. These sculptures are unique because they show Tom is weird shapes from the show. Despite this, the beloved cat is blessed with good luck and still maintains his charm even though he looks uncomfortable.