Artist Draws Negative Portraits

Creativity has never been on the rise like it is now, with new and innovative ideas that just keep surfacing from all the time. Over the years, varieties of concepts have been employed in the art of drawing, and new ones are still emerging.

The images displayed here are those of Mazola Marcnou. Recently Mazola Marcnou released one of his works which earned more than 3,000 likes on his Instagram social network. In this work, he drew a kitten’s image with an entirely uncommon concept.

This image was drawn in a negative filter view, just the way real images are seen on mobile phones’ cameras when viewed in the negative mode. He drew it in such a way that, when the image is viewed on a camera, in its negative view mode, the actual image is what will be seen, instead of what was drawn.

This is a totally different concept of drawing, and it’s really awesome.