This Fish Looks Like Blackberries

It is interesting to discover that after years of accumulated knowledge about varieties of animals, there are still certain animals we haven’t seen.

Do these stuff in water look like some harvested blackberries or living blackberries in water? This video shows two fishes named the Black Oranda Goldfish or the Blackberry Goldfish.

The black oranda goldfish has been described as having a head like a bunch of blackberries with the remaining body resembling that of the usual fish. Their mouths can be seen easily when they open them but their black color makes it difficult to spot their eyes.

Their fascinating look has been circulating around social media platforms. It has been shared by several Instagram and Twitter handles. Most viewers were shocked after watching the video.  They were surprised to discover that they aren’t blackberries with a mouth, but, the Black Oranda Goldfish, and are cousins to the fancy goldfish.