Artist is Inspired by Motherhood

Melissa Cooke Benson is a 37-year-old artist who specializes in powdered graphite on paper. The Wisconsin-born and based Benson is also the creator of her project called Mom Brains, a series of images that shows the daily life of the mom she is. The idea was born when she discovered that her toddler had stuck stickers on her bottom.

“Motherhood can have that humorous and humbling effect,” Benson shared on Fubiz. “So I decided to create the drawing Mom Brain which depicts an unkempt French Braid, with Cheerios, stickers, and some miscellaneous liquid dripping from it. I like taking tropes of photorealism, like a glamorous French Braid, and infusing it with some grime, turning it on its head.”

The artist who claims that the Mom Brain series was inspired by the first years of motherhood, shares her work on her Instagram account called melissacooke where she has gathered over five thousand followers.

Scroll down and take a look at her artwork below. Can you moms out there relate?