Designer Searches for Happiness Through His Bright Colored Art

Chean Wei Law, known online as Undo, makes delightfully simple illustrations that blend together graphic design, typography, symbolism, and art. The Malaysia-born, San Francisco-based creative director/designer/illustrator gets his inspiration from walking, enjoying a good cappuccino and having a fun conversation.

“Design is to make things work, to communicate, to make a statement, and to build relationships with people,” he writes on his website. “It is about solving big and small problems with an aesthetic approach and the fun lies within decoding each of them.”

In his latest exhibition, 100 Happiness, Undo explores the search for happiness through daily illustrations shared on his Instagram account.
“Using Instagram as a canvas to display his works, Undo emphasizes today’s need for instant gratification,” reads his website. “Undo wants to use his works as a medium to arouse emotions in audiences, to connect with people, and to raise questions about true happiness in this information-polluted era.”

“I like to include the unhappy face in my work not only to create tension and contrast but also to remind others that life can be miserable sometimes,” he writes. “It would be delusional if the works just showcased happy faces. We will definitely overlook true happiness if we do not embrace the opposite side of it. You need to go through the unhappy moments in your life to really unearth the meaning of happiness.”

Take a look at his thought provoking designs.

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