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Jimmy Simpson Experiments With Color and Movement

Scrolling through Jimmy Simpson's Instagram page, the word "diverse" pops to mind. The illustrator and animation director works in a wide range of styles and techniques often pulling from...

Laci Jordan’s Illustrations Are a Pop of Color

Laci Jordan considers herself a renaissance woman, delving in anything and everything art related, from graphic design and illustration to photography, web design, marketing and curation.

Alia Bright Makes Three Dimensional Paper Art

Portland-based graphic designer and paper artist, Alia Bright, manipulates paper strips into pop culture characters, abstract geometric figures, and precise typography. Drawing on her background...

These Minimal Illustrations Are Full of Zest

Italian artist and designer, Erika Rossi, is known for her minimal and colorful style that consists of bold and flat shapes that carry within them a hidden message.

Fall In Love With Sarah Maxwell’s Pastel-Colored Illustrations

Comic artist and illustrator, Sarah Maxwell, is known for her pastel-colored illustrations that focus on the feminine. Based in Austin, Texas, her work ranges from fashion illustration to animated...

Jaime Hayde’s Simple Illustrations Give Us Life

Jaime Hayde specializes in turning complex ideas into simple graphics. Based in Getxo, a coastal town near Bilbao, northern Spain, his brightly colored illustrations are infused with sunshine.

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole with Eugenia Loli’s Collages

Collage artist, illustrator, and filmmaker, Eugenia Loli, makes compelling art that draws you down the rabbit hole. Originally from Greece, and now based in California, her art has caught...

Successful Graphic Designer Admits She Never Wanted to Become an Artist

Celebrated graphic designer, Malika Favre, creates bold and minimal illustrations, that are often described as Pop Art meets OpArt. Exploring the striking contrasts between positive...

Tom Froese’s Illustrations Have a Friendly Swagger to Them

A designer by training and an artist at heart, Tom Froese creates stunning illustrations, full of character and wit. Working independently since 2013, Froese has collaborated with companies,...

Marianna Madriz’s Illustrations Are Full of Charm

We've fallen hard for Marianna Madriz's illustrations. Her characters, full of personality and charm, have a relatable, yet cartoonish, quality to them that we totally love.


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