Victoria Johnson Proves That More is More

Victoria Johnson’s illustrations are in full bloom. Covered in floral patterns, they feature dynamic compositions painted in eye-popping colors. “I like to explore a lot,” said Johnson, relaying her creative process in an interview with Lake, “try new materials, play with layers and texture, then let the outcome determine the finished piece. I also like spontaneity. I’m not much of a planner.”

Indeed, there’s a sense of vitality in her work, a colorful blast that might make your head spin. It’s the kind of creative energy you’d want in your feed, and Johnson admits she’s not prone to get stuck in a creative rut. There are always too many ideas and not enough time,” she notes.

Working full time as an illustrator and designer, her clients include brands like Anthropologie, Hallmark, and the Land of Nod, with her work printed on anything from women’s and children’s wear to paper products, home furnishings, and giftware.

“If something is going pear-shaped I like to push through and make it work and I think that by doing that I get interesting and unexpected results,” says Johnson. “But I’m also very organised and logical. I enjoy creating groups of related pieces – collections. Cohesiveness, harmonious color, a common thread that links all my work – these are all important to me.”

Her words and designs might just get your creative juices flowing.