Add Some Color to Your Life with Yogatella’s Illustrations

Some illustrators are driven by narrative, but for illustrator and graphic designer, known simply as Yogatella, color has always been a driving force throughout her work.

“They are my everything and I use them in abundance,” she stated, talking about her use of colors with Ballpitmag. With colors come textures. “I need them a lot to communicate the nature of the art itself,” she explained, adding that she’s also drawn to patterns. “I am waiting for the day when people will be able to enter an illustration and feel the painted texture just by starring at the art,” she stressed.

Scrolling through her digital illustrations might come close to jumping inside her art. Her work – focused on people, food, and nature – is bright and joyful, with her characters seeming to jump right out of the screen.

“I love to look at a piece of art and be able to create stories out of it,” says Yogatella. “For me, the work of an artist is just the seed that would evolve into a thousand other trees. The artist plants an idea, a concept or a feeling and the world can multiply it in million various ways.”

Here are some of our favorite works by her:

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Day 38: Robert Hajnal @hajnalrobert is a top ultra trail runner from Romania. This is what google will tell you. But one thing google can’t tell you is his location. Robert can be in front of you smiling, cracking an awful joke or maybe just elegantly compliment you. Robert can passionately explain you how to place your foot on the ground when you land while running, he can tell you with tears in his eyes about all the best wines in the world or quietly describe all the girls he loved. And then Robert will go to his room, will have a two hours sleep, will stare at the ceiling for 30 minutes, planning something. He gets up, goes to a bar and switches the world on. Still, you would not actually know where Robert is even though he is right there in front of you, starring at you, with his ocean eyes (Hokusai color palette). He leaves the bar and also the world. He puts a pair of @AltraRunning shoes on and starts the watch: how long until he meets himself? Sometimes Robert runs 171 km in the Alps to meet himself. Sometimes just 5k in 10 minutes (ok I might exaggerate). The point is: Robert’s location is quite deep, deep hidden somewhere where not even he can find the guy. But when he does…the world rejoice. And he is at peace. ⠀ Now here is the thing: Robert will run this Saturday for a great cause. He has a link on his page where you can find more info (he will run for 12 Hours on the treadmill without stopping). Donate and who knows..maybe this Saturday Robert will meet himself again. You will be at peace and he will rejoice. But what’s even more beautiful is that you will stop your scrolling for a few minutes to go to his page, click on the link in his bio and then Google Translate will do the job for you (in case you wanna see why he will suffer this Saturday) and why your small contribution will matter. In exchange I’m giving you any of the illustrations you want. #hospice #runner #running #illustration #drawing #yogatella100friends #procreate #laufen #läufer #trailrunner #peoplewithpassion

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