Artist Makes Comics Depicting Situations Of Lost Motivation We Can All Relate To

Modern times allow us to discuss and joke with things that are not so flattering such as lack of motivation in life or even anxiety. The growing amount of internet artists who create short and funny comics and sketches depicting everyday situations many people can relate to, help us realize that these unpleasant feelings and behaviors are not only ours. Loron R. is an illustrator and comic artist that posts her art on Instagram and the stories she shares are highly relatable, common situations anyone could get into.  

Loron says it’s her strong passion to draw, though she’s not a professional artist. That stood a bit in her way of progressing since she had to learn everything about comic making, drawing and internet self-promoting by herself.

Her first project is “There Goes Motivation”, which she shares Instagram under the same name. The goal of this project is to help people laugh at least a little bit at maybe painful or burdensome situations in every-day life.