Cosplayer Dresses Up Like The Weirdest Characters And Brings Humor Back Into Cosplaying

Cosplaying has become an art of its’ own. Every day there are more and more people mastering this skill of disguising and costuming, pushing the limits of accuracy and aesthetics of imitation. Many people have taken it to a very high level, but this girl we’re about to show you has taken it to bizarre ways.  

Mira Park, known under the nickname @beenbinch on Instagram makes the most bizarre cosplay costumes. Among others in her collection, you can find Garry the Snail, Patrick and Squidward from Spongebob, Donald Trump as a tennis player, Lara Croft video game version in pixels, Him from The Powerpuff Girls and many more that no one has yet thought to dress up as. Her masks communicate a completely different genre of cosplaying and the focus is not so much on accuracy as it is on uncommonness, humor and innovative ideas. Her Instagram photos have thousands of positive and funny reactions from her 134k followers, which makes her a very successful artist. 

The humor in her costumes is evident, but what her fans probably also love her for is the goofy way she writes the descriptions on her posts.  

Check out the pictures below to see Park’s crazy and hilarious costume ideas we picked out for you.  

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