Artist Makes Hilarious Comics That Will Make You Laugh

Becks is an artist and the person behind her artwork called Beckscomics, a comic about anything that makes her snort laugh. Although Becks dreamed about becoming an artist ever since she was a little girl, she never felt like she was good enough.

At seven years old, she attempted becoming one; she made a short-lived scribble about her big sister as a superhero. However, it only lasted five panels and five minutes before Becks’ sister told her to get out of her room.

“I spent the next 20 years waiting to be ready,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “Until 4 months ago I just decided to start – even if it wasn’t perfect, I just wanted to put something out there to make people laugh. And I’m so glad I did! People have been really kind and my small comic is beginning to grow. I make comics about anything and everything – superheroes, anxiety, cannibalism, my time in Japan – all with the goal of making people laugh.”

You can find Beckscomics on Instagram. Scroll down and take a look at her work below. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more amazing images.