Artist Makes Whimsical Acrylic Necklaces With Cute Characters Captured Inside

Jenny from Coventry, England, United Kingdom is the person behind the Instagram account called Mythillogical. According to the artist, her “background is in illustration, and her illustrative style is creating models which are usually sculpted in polymer clay, with mixed media additions, and their environments and photographing them to create a two-dimensional illustration”.

Jenny also makes printed clear acrylic necklaces with cute illustrated characters captured inside.

“I’ve always been drawn to little jars and bottles, and there’s something magical about snow globes and fishbowls too,” Jenny shared on Bored Panda. “I decided to use the transparent quality of clear acrylic to create environments to capture cute, whimsical and sometimes fantastical characters and items to wear as a necklace, for a little everyday magic.”

You can find Jenny on Instagram and on Etsy, where she shares all of her creations.

Scroll down and check out her artwork below.