Artist Painted Pop Icons Into Religious Icons

Mathijs Vissers is a 30-year-old Dutch illustrator and graphic designer who works with both traditional and digital media. In his work, Vissers uses bold colors, a high level of detail and strong narratives.

 “In current times, it’s a different story we tell ourselves. Through media exposure, pop-idols and celebrities have ascended to near godlike status,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “They show us a polished vision of the grandeur of what man can be. They tell us how to act, how to interact with each-other, the words we use, the goals we set ourselves, the life we’re supposed to aspire to have.”

He is also the creator of a series of abstract portraits and the Apostles series, in which he turns pop artists into religious icons.

 “This series of paintings titled Apostles combines history with contemporary portraits,” he added. “Religious works from art history are used as a starting point to inform the rest of the painting. Through color, shape and subject they are brought into current day.”

If you are curious to see more of Vissers’ work, have a look on Instagram or check out his website.