Artist Shows Creepy Side of Lovable Childhood Characters

Yan Blanco is a 24-year-old 3D artist living and working in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He is known as an artist who loves using horror motives in his work, by transforming cheerful childhood movie characters into scary, sad or angry 3D characters.

The always-happy Sponge Bob becomes sad, Bananas in Pajamas are non-stop tired, while Bugs Bunny is so creepy that he could have a starring role in a horror movie. Blanco also uses everyday objects, for example, broccoli and carrots and gives them a terrifying human shape.

He always wanted to become an artist. His artistic journey began in his early years when he started creating his first illustrations. For many years, he thought that digital art was his call, until 2014 at the College of Graphic Design when realized that 3D art is his true passion. Then, he started digging much deeper into it. Online tutorials, various articles and many websites later Blanco became known for his 3D artwork.

He documents his work on Instagram where his photos regularly get thousands of likes from his 24.8 thousand followers.

Scroll down and check out his creations below.