Add Some Oomph to Your Feed with Aurélia Durand

Image via 4ur3lia/Instagram

Graphic artist and illustrator, Aurélia Durand, doesn’t shy away from color. Her work, be it digital illustrations, acrylic paintings or animation, is striking in its vivacity. With a focus on African women and men, she sticks to a bright color pallet and uses contrast to add that extra oomph to each of her pieces.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Paris, she admits that Paris – with all its museums, galleries, and art events – was the absolute best place for her to study art. “In school, I studied the history of art,” she relayed in an interview with African Digital Art. “I was fascinated by the contemporary art, I like a lot Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Cindy Scherman, Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Murakami, Olafur Eliasson, Anish Kapoor, A Wei Wei and many more.”

Aside from contemporary art, she’s also inspired by films, music videos, photography, and other kinds of art and design forms. “As a creative person traveling is essential for getting new inspiration and bringing more nuances in my work,” Durand writes on her website. “I like to challenge my work by pushing myself to get new habits. My travels influence my work; my visuals are colorful and vibrant and aim to reflect the diversity of our society.​​​”

Back home, her clients include brands like Adobe, Instagram, Tinder, and Refinery 29. But you can also follow her progress on her designated Instagram page: