Artist Stages Her Baby in Funny Movie Scenes, Using Chalk Drawings

Ericka Cabrera is the happy and proud mother of little Josiah. To immortalize in an original way the coming into the world of this beautiful little being, she decided to take its pictures in a decor that’s dedicated to famous animated films. No doubt this is quite a way to create good memories for the family.

On Instagram, Ericka has fun with her eight-month-old son. She draws with chalk on the floor imaginary compositions in which she poses her baby. Thus, over the months, little Josiah finds himself immersed in The Lion King, Peter Pan, Toy Story, Pinocchio, and The Incredibles. A dark floor, a few strokes of chalk, a towel placed behind the head and the baby is included in many classics of animation!

You can find some of those fun and artistic snapshots below.