Lor-K Creates Culinary Sculptures with Urban Waste

Image via lor_k_life/Instagram

Abandoned mattresses in the streets are now an integral part of the urban landscape. Nobody really cares, almost nobody gets them back, and they usually stay there for a long time on the sidewalk. In fact, this is a normal end for any cumbersome object that has become obsolete. Except when artist Lor-K passes near.

This French artist uses urban waste to create ephemeral street sculptures. She tracks the cumbersome objects, appropriates and modifies them, and finally releases them directly on the place of discovery. Through her original and atypical style, these impromptu sculptures transform our scrap by offering it a new identity shaped and staged in the heart of the city.

In the street, her projects materialize in the form of sculptures where the object and space are dependent on each other. Anchored in a specific place, time and context, each urban creation is made to disappear in the rhythm of the city. In the workshop, Lor-K keeps photographs, prototypes, videos, manipulable sculptures or writings that allows her to transcribe the process of creation.

Lately, the artist self-published a book called EAT-ME in very limited series (in just 300 copies). It takes all the urban recipes that she prepared and exhibited successfully as part of this project.