Artist Transforms Herself Into Her Adorable Husky

Digital and traditional artist Ilana K, as she is known on Instagram transformed herself into her adorable husky. It looks a bit scary, but her pet doesn’t seem worried at all.

The talented artist worked with paint and to make it look more real; she painted on her eyelids to create the large eyes of the Husky. The work is simply creative. It is also quite adorable because she uses her dog as a sidekick in some of her art.

Aside from painting traditionally, the artist is a digital artist. She works with her iPad using the Procreate app. Ilana has different renditions of paintings that appear like 3D animated portraits. She posts her processes and most of her work on her budding Instagram page.

Watch the video adorable below:

See some of her digital artworks created on Procreate with an iPad. What do you think? Amazing right?