Artist Turns Crazy Motherhood Moments Into Relatable Comics

Motherhood is no joke. It’s a thankless job where mothers don’t get the credit that they deserve. Unfortunately, society seems to have it out for mothers.

One wrong move and people are quick to judge mothers. Take for example, the supposed hate against mothers who choose NOT to breastfeed their children..

Yes, breastfeeding is good, but that doesn’t mean that mothers who choose not to do it should be chastised for their choice. After all, there is no definite guideline on what makes a woman a good mother. What’s important is that a mother tries to be one.

Frustrated by the number of negative comments she gets, one mother decided to channel that negativity into something positive.

The result is the Debi and Bebi comic series where a mother illustrates the hardships that a lot of mothers such as herself have to go through on a daily basis.

From judgemental strangers to sleepless nights, any mother out there can definitely relate to this comic series.

Be sure to scroll down below to see exactly what we mean.