Francorama’s Metamorphosis: From Snickers-Wearing Chicken to a Unique Brand of Expressionism

Not much is known about mysterious and exciting artist Franco E., a.k.a Francorama. The Canadian illustrator started turning heads lately with his unique style which focuses on the human body as an effective tool of expression.

What we do know is that Francorama has cited his influences as abstract expressionism, cubism, and the Japanese concept of Ma, which makes extensive use of negative space. And while it’s not hard to see traces of all three in his work, it is also strikingly original.

Francorama’s more recent uploads are warm and smooth, with shapes that are formed by patches of different hues rather than outlines. They capture motion, intent and sincere emotions. This young artist has an incredibly bright future ahead of him, and we can’t wait to see the next step in evolution!