Artist Uses Ancient Japanese Technique To Create His Metal Sculptures

Taiichiro Yoshida is a 30-year-old Japanese artist who crafts metal sculptures that look like they are digital paintings. Yoshida also describes himself as a metalsmith, who uses silver, bronze, and copper to create his beautiful art works. The artist hand-forms leaves, flowers, and butterflies, to gently to cover the bodies of each mammal or bird. Later, he uses various of colors to paint the petal, leaf, and wing.

Decorative hot metalworking in Japan is considered an ancient technique, beginning sometime in the 2nd or 3rd centuries BC. The artist studied at the Tokyo University the Arts, and has earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Metal Carving. His work has been recognized both nationally and internationally; his creations have been exhibited in galleries all around the world.

If you are interested to see Yoshida’s masterpieces, have a look into his Instagram page or website where he shares images of his beautiful creations.