Artists Creates Multiple Cartoon Versions of Tom Hanks

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?

The affable and charismatic Hollywood actor has been a part of many memorable films that have been released over the past few decades. Like, for example, Forest Gump, which, to this day, remains one of the best comedy-drama films ever released. Or, maybe you’ve heard of Cast Away? What about Captain Philips?

We could take all day to list down all of Tom Hanks’ films and we still won’t have enough time to discuss just how good most if not all of them were.

But, then again, that’s not why we’re here.

We’re here to shine some light, not on Tom Hanks, but a person who admires him a lot.

Anja Shu is a remarkably talented illustration. It also just so happens that Tom Hanks is one of his favourite actors of all time, which is why he decided to draw the Oscar-winning actor as a cartoon in his own style.

Just how good is his recreations? Well, you’ll have to see them for yourself.

Be sure to scroll down below to see more of Anja Shu’s cartoon versions of Tom Hanks.