Talented Artist Makes Oil Painting of Pets from Photos

It’s easy to underestimate traditional art, especially these days when we could simply just take a photo of something and we’d have something to print out and hang up on our walls later if we wanted to.

But, you know, there’s just something different about a piece of art that someone actually painted for you. This is why more and more people are availing of the services of Alex Cech.

Alex Cech is a professional pet portrait artist that uses his talents to paint on canvas the photos that you so frequently take of your pet cats and dogs, and the results are stunning.

Using his keen eye for detail and talent for drawing, Alex hand paints pets on canvas, cleaning up the original image, which are usually taken from a smartphone, and brings up any detail that might have been lost to create something that’s even better than any camera could probably ever capture.

To see more of Alex’s works, be sure to scroll down below. We’re certain you’ll want to have your pets hand-painted by Alex too after seeing how good his portraits are.