Artists Creates Unbelievable Hand Made Fantasy Creatures

Meet Maryana Kopylova a talented artist from Russia. Maryana is not your ordinary artist but she has a unique way of turning fantasy creatures in handmade creatures. Her work is so impressive and many people from around the world love her work.

She calls her fantasy creatures Zyabras. These space creatures who live on earth help all living beings. Maryana has been creating this fantasy world for many years with great passion and absolutely loves the process of bringing them to life using her hands.

Each Zyabra has its own mission: there are some that keep peace in the forest, others sing lullabies to birds and others graze snails in the meadow. 

To create the Zybras, she uses various materials for sculpting from glass, stones, polymer clay, acrylic paints, and paper-mache.

Check Maryana’s work below.