Artist Creates Out of This World Fantasy Book Covers

There is nothing as satisfying in life than doing a job that you personally love.  Aniko left her job to follow her heart and she has never looked back. As an artist, she loves making fantasy book covers with polymer clay.

Aniko films YouTube tutorials, sculpting from polymer clay and playing with other craft materials in her life. She is also a jewelry designer and a YouTube craft’s guru and doesn’t plan on giving up on her love anytime soon.

She truly believes in what she does and is on a mission to inspire other artists to never give up, stay creative and strong on this beautiful and tough journey of being an artist.

Her fantasy book covers are out of this world and look unreal. Her work include “Mother’s Love” journal made for the Giraffe Conservation Organisation, “The Baby Dragon” journal, frog journals and “The Spirit Of The Forest” kindle cover (one of her very first covers).

Check out her marvelous work.

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