Bistra Masseva’s Hand-Drawn Illustrations Use Lots of Colors

Bistra Masseva is an award-winning Bulgarian illustrator currently living and working in Brighton, UK. She creates hand-drawn, expressive illustrations using watercolor and gouache which images she shares on her Instagram account and personal website.

“I like the opaqueness of gouache and its visual clarity. I think it’s valuable to be forced to work directly on the paper, keeps you focused. On the other hand, I recently started scanning line drawings and coloring them digitally. It is efficient for quick jobs and does offer more flexibility with colors,” the artist shared on Ballpit and added that she is also a keen calligrapher.

She was introduced to art at a very young age, and then she put her doodling to good use and went to study graphic design, illustration, and typography.

“10 years ago I moved to the UK to study some more. There is something about being away from your home that makes you open to new experiences and it becomes the ideal environment to learn and be creative.”

She worked with a list of clients, such as Albert Whitman, Heinemann, Cricket Magazine, Oxford University Press, Ciela Publishing, and MilkX Magazine.

Scroll down and check out her work below.