Bored Couple Creates Fancy Dishes Using Buffet Food

This may sound like a “first world problem” sort of thing, but it really is true that, when you’ve done something before, regardless of how awesome it was or is, it can get a little bit boring.

Case in point, buffets.

Not everyone can afford to eat in buffets, but for those who can and do it quite regularly, they’re actually pretty boring. This is especially true if you’ve been coming back to the same buffet place over and over again.

Catherine Lemieux and Marie-Pier Poirier can definitely relate to that sentiment. That’s why, while eating out in a buffet place to celebrate someone’s birthday, the two decided to spice things up and “out-do” each other by creating fancy food using what was available at the buffet.

The results? Pure entertainment.

Make sure that you scroll down below to see what this couple were able to come up with.