Artist Uses Performance Art to Protest Amazon Rainforest Fires

Sometimes, the best way to raise awareness and to protest something is to perform. That’s basically the gist of what performance art is.

Daria Kurtumulus, the creator of ArtFashion paints on clothes. When she learned about the Amazon rainforest fires, she knew she couldn’t just sit idly by as the world’s most important forest gets ravaged by fires that supposedly came out of nowhere.

In case you missed it, yes, the Amazon rainforest is on fire. It has been for quite some time, and it can’t be left that way.

The Amazon plays a huge part in the Earth’s climate system. Without it, we lose the forest that’s responsible for absorbing as much as 5% of all the CO2 we emit on an annual basis. That’s a lot, which is why this is a pretty big deal and Daria decided to go online to try and raise awareness for it.

If you’d like to see what exactly Daria did to help raise awareness, be sure to scroll down below.

Better yet though, you may want to spread the word, and find a way to help out. Because, if all of us don’t start doing something to help the environment individually, then the earth that we know today will no longer be the earth that we will be giving away to the children of tomorrow.