Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings By Young-Sung Kim That Will Make You Question Your Life

People are obsessed with posting things from their life on social media to show just how perfect their life is. Perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect partner, perfect job, everything is simply perfect. But is it? Or is everything just a cover for the things that we dislike? 

Young-sung Kim is a South Korean artist who questions society and the advanced development of material civilizations through his projects “Nothing. Life. Object.”. Kim has been obsessed with the beauty of living creatures ever since a young age and uses them as a metaphor for people’s life. According to Kim, people use living organisms as decorative elements or food even though we share the same environment and have the same meaning and value of existence. He says that people use them for clear purposes when they have certain reasons and that this reflects to almost every relationship people have – between people, people and organization or people and society.  

With his paintings, he also wants to address the problem that humans tend to show their life perfect even though their lives aren’t so different from the animals that try to survive in a small space, exposed in front of everyone.  

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Article on @mymodernmet🐳 South Korean artist Young-sung Kim has made a name for himself thanks to his hyperrealistic oil paintings of fish swimming in glass bowls and cups. Kim uses minuscule brushes to pull out every detail of his subjects, whether it be the colorful tail of a beta fish or the shimmering scales of a goldfish. Painted on large canvases, the animals are laid out like living still lifes for the viewer to admire. The photorealistic paintings are part of Kim’s ongoing series Nothing. Life. Object. that speaks to the disintegration of modern society in the face of the “advanced development of material civilizations.” By juxtaposing living and material things and displaying them as a piece of theater or advertising, Kim wishes to comment on society’s tendency to neglect living organisms. The painter’s fascination with the beauty of living creatures began when he was a child, as they forced him to stop and contemplate their place in the world. These creatures are now metaphors for life in Kim’s series and they are forced out of their natural setting into an object that cages them. “What is the meaning or value of living organisms in the modern civilization? What is the meaning of living organisms to humans? They exist with us in the same environment, but they are always faced as food or decorative elements in a lower hierarchy,” Kim writes. “Despite that they are living things with meaning and value of existence, the humans only use them for clear purposes when we have certain reasons. In the modern society, this structure is applied to the relationships between men, men and organization, or men and society. Humans, a living organism, is sometimes considered and used as a functional object.” #김영성 #극사실 #물고기 #개구리 #베타 #극사실주의 #bettaholic #ykim #YoungsungKim #Hyperrealism #hyperrealistic #oil #painting #drawing #contemporaryart #art #handpainted #environment #frog #snail #insect #goldfish #animal #sculpture #museum #artgallery #modernart #betta #mymodernmet

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