Bulgarian Artist Makes Incredible Illustrations That look like they’re Glowing

When it comes to art, it’s not important which tools you use to create it. Bulgarian artist Angel Ganev shows that even simple pencil illustrations can wow you just like some more complex artwork.

Ganev’s illustrations are mostly created with a regular pencil, but he adds details using metallic markers that make his art “glow” and gives it a moody vibe. Each illustration transfers a different mood which he expresses using different colors to make his art glow.

“Hi! My name is Angel and I’ve been doing digital art for over 6 years, I’ve never been to art school and I’ve been trying to teach myself how to paint,” he shares on his Patreon profile. Ganev’s Instagram page is quickly approaching half a million followers and we totally get why so many people are loving his simple, yet unique art. 

Check out his profile to see more of his illustrations in various styles. We love it that he’s still finding himself and all of his different work looks equally great. Imagine what he can evolve to as he keeps practicing!