These Charming Pots and Plates Have Adorable Faces

Sandra Apperloo is a talented lady behind the blog Artistic Moods. She’s also a ceramicist who creates these adorable pots and plates and sells them in her Etsy shop. The Pottery Parade is the name of her Instagram page where she shares the latest works with nearly 50,000 followers. We must say that we fell in love at first sight!

Apperloo lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands. “Lover of all things artsy and potter at The Pottery Parade,” her Instagram page reads. Currently, Apperloo is working on a new set of ceramic goodies so her Etsy shop is sold out and empty, but you can follow her work on social media and be notified when she announces a new collection. More than that, her work may inspire you to try and do something similar – who knows, there may be a talented ceramic inside you, just waiting for a chance!

Scroll down to see Apperloo’s beautiful plates, pots, cups, and other creations.

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A favorite from my last collection of pots, called Femke. This girl is sold and now I have started working on long vases and jewelry dishes again. Can't wait to see them when they are finished!! // Also I just wanted to say a few more things about the last shop updates. I know that they have been very hectic and that there have been delays with the listings showing up for lots of people. I'm quite bummed about this. As I have mentioned before I am currently setting up my own website and shop but as I expect that it will still take a bit before it's ready (I'm working on it between my studio moments) any shop updates before then will only be pre announced in my mailing. I hope this will take the pressure off a bit and give people some more time to browse though the items. In case you haven't subscribed yet, you can find a link to the page in my bio (and just so you know, no shop update has been scheduled for this Sunday! I will be announcing a new one next week:) In case that for some reason you can't leave your email on the page, you can send your email at [email protected] and I'll add you to the list. Thank you for your enthusiasm and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend coming up! ❤ (Here in Holland it's raining again and I'm kind of enjoying it 😏) #potswithcharacter #ceramics #pottery #paintedpots #handmade #planter #homedecor #homedeco #clayplay #ceramiclife #facepots

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