Talented Guy Makes Skateboards from Old Pallets

Paul Jackman, a talented woodworker behind the Youtube channel Jackman Works has just published a video showing how he makes skateboards using old wooden pallets. In the video, we see him taking apart several old pallets, slicing them into sheets, laminating them, and finally turning them into brand-new skateboards. The process itself is mesmerizing to watch and just so relaxing!

“Home for woodworking, construction, upcycling, reclaiming, welding, epoxy, etc,” Jackman’s Youtube channel description says. “My goals are to inspire you to make cool things, get people excited about making, and teaching while keeping it super fun and interesting. Thanks for stopping by!”

Click play below to watch him work and turn the old pallets into amazing new skateboards, step-by-step. His job could easily be compared with meditation and it looks like he’s loving its every single bit. At the end of the video, we get to see his skateboards in action. We’re definitely subscribing to Jackman’s channel to follow his future work, how about you?