Oliver Coreaux Hand-Paints Birkin Bags

Oliver Coreaux is a designer who chose high-end handbags as his canvas. A designer handbag is so much more than just a bag to carry the necessities in. For most owners, designer handbags are a symbol of success, hard work, or a beloved gift. Coreaux uses them to create art and turn them into unique pieces worth even more than they originally were.

The Los Angeles-based artist uses Birkins, Celines, and other designer bags to create his art on. It started by accident – when he got bored with his large grey duffel bag after having it for six months. He saw the potential in creating unique art on bags and started customizing luxury bags on commission. 

Each of the bags he paints is unique, but he definitely has a distinct style. Mostly, he paints them in black and white, often featuring a mix of doodle-style drawings. Besides handbags, he also paints on accessories, suitcases, and other surfaces.

Scroll down to see how these hand-painted bags look like. Some of them have been worn by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid in the past. Would you wear one?