Lisa Ericson’s Paintings Show Animals Merging with Succulents and Tropical Fish

Lisa Ericson’s artwork features animals merging with unusual environments such as tropical waters. Her paintings include deer, flamingos, and turtles standing in water on top of flowers, butterflies, succulents, and tropical fish. 

As Ericson writes on her website, all of her paintings are done in acrylic on wood panels. She finds the hard surface of the panels nice to work with and acrylic paints help her achieve the desired effect. To paint the details, she uses tiny brushes. Each painting takes her between two weeks to a month, depending on its size and details.

“My ideas are often science-inspired, but with a surreal twist,” she writes. She finds inspiration in environmental and scientific phenomena and paints surreal paintings based on those ideas. The black background adds depth and drama to the paintings. The animals in her paintings represent the natural world and reflect on human struggles at the same time. She uses her art to draw parallels between the two.

Scroll down to see her work.